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Blood Moons

Today there is much conversation and debate about the current "Blood Moons Tetrad" that is expected to begin on April 15, 2014. Because these complete lunar eclipses align with the first (Passover) and the last (Tabernacles) of God's ordained feast days (more correctly interpreted as "appointed times") in both 2014 and 2015, they are receiving a great deal of attention. Since this particular alignment has only happened eight times in history since the Messiah (and coincided with some remarkable historical events), they are indeed worthy of our attention. What do they mean? What do we have to know and understand before we can anticipate what these lunar events (and associated solar eclipses) highlight? We need to lay some groundwork around God's signs in the heavens, around the appointed times, and around the historical events that remarkably align with the blood moon tetrads.

These documents were originally prepared as one comprehensive presentation. It is presented in simple, straightforward language and concepts to provide even the beginner with the background needed. Because the files are quite large, we have separated them into six parts, which are meant to be viewed consecutively:

Part 1: Introduction Click here for pdf document (2.2MB file)
Part 2: The Hebrew Calendar, The Appointed Times Click here for pdf document (2.3MB file)
Part 3: History Click here for pdf document (3.2MB file)
Part 4: The Significance of 8, The Shemittah Year, The Jubilee Year Click here for pdf document (2.8MB file)
Part 5: Possibilities Click here for pdf document (3.6MB file)
Part 6: Conclusion Click here for pdf document (3.8MB file)

You can also download this entire presentation as one standard 20-page document which can be easily printed. The text and charts in the above presentation are included, in a format that many may find easier to study or distribute. Click here for pdf document (2.2MB file)
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