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Plan BThe entire Bible contains the heart and plan of God regarding His relationship with us. Elohim had a beautiful plan, we can call it Plan A, but it failed. This was not His fault….but man’s failure. But as our omniscient God, He already knew that would happen, and He set aside (for later!) His beautiful Plan A. Now that sin had been introduced, another plan was needed: PLAN B.

Plan B required working through one group of people to demonstrate God’s nature, and invite the entire world to receive His gift that would reunite us back together with Him. He had to call one people who would be the “voice” of God, revealing Him and His Plan to everyone else. These people would also bring forth the promised Anointed One who would atone for the sins of all mankind. They would become the “Bloodline of Redemption.”

Sadly, over the years, that bloodline (Israel) has been maligned and persecuted, and the oracles given her forgotten…and seen as ancient and not relevant. Today many focus on the New Covenant (Testament) rather than study the Old Covenant (Testament). You cannot understand one without the other.

PLAN B: THE BLOODLINE OF REDEMPTION will cover the plan of redemption throughout scripture, with focus on the “oracles of God” given to His chosen people. Elohim calls these people ISRAEL.
Many in the “Church” today have neglected or left the basic truths, the very foundation of our faith, and her people are perishing because of false teachings and an abandonment of truth. This class seeks to highlight the “oracles” given to Israel, found in the Old Testament, that establish the basis for God’s plan of redemption and reunion with Him. This class will show the personal relevance of the Old Testament. Jesus did not come to start a new “religion.” He came to fulfill the promises established from the beginning of time. Religion is man-made. There is only one true FAITH.
This class takes a deeper look at things sadly now neglected by the modern church. Having a solid understanding of these truths makes our faith stronger and helps us to know Him better. The subjects we discuss will go deeper than the stories on the surface, into the Truths of God necessary for a solid faith.

We will be in every book of scripture with all sorts of side trips. The Bridegroom could easily come before we finish!!

Files: (Files are numbered by order in lessons. Note, these are slides used during classes. No audio is available, but the slide content is very detailed and can stand alone as a teaching tool.)

1: Introduction to Plan B Click here for 4.5MB file
2: The Spring Feasts (aligned with previous calendar) Click here for 4.2MB file
3: Review of the Bible, introduction (all books are briefly highlighted for content and importance) Click here for 839KB file
4: Review of the Bible, Part 1 Click here for 4.3MB file
5: Review of the Bible, Part 2 Click here for 4.3MB file
6: Review of the Bible, Part 3 Click here for 4.0MB file
7: Old Testament Timeline Click here for 9.1MB file
8: Genesis, chapters 1 through 3 Click here for 5.9MB file
9: Genesis, chapters 4 and 5 Click here for 949KB file
10: Genesis, chapter 6, Part 1 Click here for 706KB file
11: Genesis, chapter 6, Part 2 Click here for 3.0MB file
12: The Covenants, Part 1 Click here for 3.6MB file
13: The Covenants, Part 2 Click here for 4.9MB file
14: Genesis 10 Click here for 8.1MB file
15: Genesis 11, Babel Click here for 7.2MB file
16: Fall Feasts, and General Feast Review Click here for 5.7MB file
17. The Meaning of “Shalom” Click here for 1.5MB file
18. Fast Lesson in Hebrew Hermeneutics Click here for 2.6MB file
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